The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My (un)vacation and the deep end of the university swimming pool

After a very, very eventful (and equally short) vacation, my term has started at Rhodes - and I am running at full speed to keep up with it!

In my vacation, I worked at Sapa (South African Press Association) and tried my hand at crime and accident reports, as well as political reporting. The latter is, to my surprise, very interesting, engaging, and quite to my tastes... The former, not so much. There is only so much one can say! "One killed... Woman run over... Three die in fire... Man arrested for possessing weapons... Aircraft does emergecy landing on beach..." would drive me absolutely crazy if I had to face it as my day-to-day job. I think we will all agree, though, that I have the ambition and talent to avoid this kind of reporting at all costs!

Yes, it was unpleasant, but I am not undermining the amazing experience I owe this icky job. I learned to negotiate my way around the iron-clad exterior of the SAPS, I perfected the skill of objective, factual reporting, I know all about legal implications and I know how to get what information I want, when I want it, and how I want it.

The ANC, the MDC and Julius Malema, however, are endlessly exciting and frustrating in equal measures. I might consider this field again... if it is only to be called a "bloody agent" by Malema. Seems so thrilling!

Before my head could even stop spinning with South African news and reports, my body had to be put through torture to exorcise the painful, kind of creepy growths it had growing inside of it, called endometriosis. Redcovering was difficult, but I think I've done it successfully. Bring it on, 80/20 injury and illness theory! I may be in the 20% of the population that gets 80% of illnesses and injuries, but I handle it pretty damn well!

Inbetween, I did not even have a spare second for rest and recovery. From getting my nose repierced (it closed when I had to take my piercing out for the operation) to getting my new cellphone (the beautiful Samsung Corby, wow!), I was not allowed to lament my illness at home, on my own.

One of the best parts of my recovery was attending my grandfather Izak Benjamin's art exhibition. Seeing his beautiful art and being with my family for a relaxing, special, nurturing and trnaquil day in Pretoria was exactly what I needed to recover.

Spending this holiday with my family was beautiful and special. The only thing I would wish to be different would be to have my holiday longer, and to move Pretoria and Vereeniging closer to Jo'burg so that I could spend quality time with ALL my grandparents. As you can probably tell, there was no time to travel to see any of them, and I was very lucky to catch a fleeting glimpse of Oupa Zak and Ouma Erna. My first plan for my six-week holiday coming up in June is to travel to Pretoria to see Ouma Tish and Oupa Phil. The camera they got me for my 18th birthday is amazing, I love it so much, it's exactly what I need here to document res life, outings, fun days and even to do my Sociology group project! (I will post another update on that a bit later). I miss them so much.

Thank you, family, for making my holiday so special, and making sure I knew how loved and appreciated I am. I hope I do the same for you, Mamma, Ella... Everybody. I love you so much! Gah!

I AM NOT SAYING A WORD ABOUT THE BUS RIDE. I refuse to become one of those useless complainers I hate so vehemently.*

I was thrown into the deep end when I arrived at Rhodes. I had work to finish immediately, with not a moment of reprieve for my body or soul. Ready, steady, GO!

Highlights of the last three days include...
- Pizza and cocktails on the roof of a restaurant called "The Yellow House" (a lovely, quaint, as-yet-undiscovered little spot in the middle of Grahamstown) with my lovely Benjamin
- Unpacking my room perfectly, and in record time
- Finishing all the work that has been flung straight into my chest on time, and as well as I could possibly hope for
- Doctor Benjamin Marais removing my post-surgery stitches HIMSELF with a sterilized pair of nail scissors and a tweezer
- Sleeping...

Speaking of this mystical, ever-elusive sleep...
Goodnight, lovely people who make me happiest on the earth.

*That bus ride was so awful... I lie, I actually just want to cry when I think about it and that is why I won't discuss it! Haha. At least it's over now! Whew...