The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Societies, Ben's paintball, disappointment and Debonairs's after eleven-special...

For the delay, I will now apologise profusely.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!

Now, we get back to business. I have had a few assignments, paragraphs and essays marked and they do not seem to be all that awful. For Economics, I seem to be hanging between B-'s and A's. I have an Economics test on Friday, though, and then I will know for sure where I stand with this dark horse of a subject. For Sociology, however, I have a 50% assignment burning a hole in the lining of my heart... 85% for my first Journalism report, however, seems to act as Burnshield. Tomorrow my first English paragraph will be returned to me. Quite apprehensive.

On a more positive note, Societies evening was held on Thursday evening. I joined two societies: SHARC (Student HIV/Aids Resistance Campaign) and the African Drum Society.

I am joining SHARC because I would like to become a Peer Educator next year. As a Peer Educator, you give talks on awareness and safety, as well as on how to handle the virus. I get to demonstrate fun things like male and female condoms and dental dams. To me, this campaign is very important and I would like to make a difference to someone, somewhere.

The African Drum Society was my "for fun" society. Benjamin has joined as well, and every Friday afternoon at four we will meet at the Botanical gardens, relax, and listen to and/or play some African drums.

The last thing I signed up for is not so much a society as a movement, with one particular event coming up that I am incredibly interested in attending. We will be marching in solidarity for victims of rape, as only ONE in nine women who are raped report the crime, and of these, only 4% are successfully prosecuted. I will have my mouth taped shut and wear a T-shirt proclaiming these statistics. For the whole day.

As part of JMS, I also joined the independent student newspaper called "Activate". I signed up for three sections: Sub-editing, Opinions and Business. After my first "Subbies" meeting on Tuesday, you will know more!

As you might have noticed, I have created a new Facebook account for friends and family that I really want to keep in touch with. I will not really be very active there, but at least I can keep an eye on your events, photographs and news!

Last night, after watching the season finale of Hell's Kitchen (A great show that I do recommend), Benjamin and I made a run for Debonairs, which has a special (for drunken students, I presume) that runs from 11pm to 2am and consists of two small pizzasand a very large cheese and garlic sub. Yum.

Today, I watched Benjamin play paintball with the Paintball Society. It looked very fun! Ben is quite battered and bruised, but he enjoyed it immensely. I am reading Hamlet today, to keep up with lectures that move at a startingly rapid pace.

I miss you all so incredibly much... April is ever approaching, though, and I will be home before you know it. I love you!

PS: Ouma, here is a research project for you:

Assess the importance of the development of writing in human history. What have been its major benefits and what problems has it brought?

Just a few thoughts from you, for if you start missing me too much... (This is for History!)

I love you!


  1. Haai Bokkielief! Jou ouma het al begin despair dat jy nooit weer gaan blog nie en sy het nie geweet hoe om haar teleurstelling en mismoede te verwerk nie...of hoeveel om jou te BETAAL om aan te hou blog nie! Dankie vir die blog, bokkie. Dit maak die verlang 'n bietjie minder (of meer, want dan voel jy so ver van my af en so naby in jou woorde) Ek wens ek kon saam jou op die gras voor jou koshuis sit en gesels oor daai assignment wat jy vir ouma gegee het...sjoe! Ek dink nie ek sou weet wat om te se of waar om te begin nie! Liefejou! Hanli

  2. Ja-nee wragtag!!! Ek stem saam met jou ma oor die assignment. Sal bietjie dink en my gedagtes vir jou email.

    Bly om te hoor jy gaan nie te veel tyd aan FB afstaan nie. Jou stelling laasjaar aan my dat dit 'n tyddief is het my laat besluit om dit net vir serious business te gebruik - en kommunikasie wat ek regtig WIL voer. Ek het my FB=addiction baasgeraak. Dankie daarvoor, aan jou, my liefie-diefie-aarbei-cupcake.

    Ek stem ook met Hanli saam oor hoe jou blog my laat VOEL - naby en ver, tegelyk. Ek, weer, wens ek kon saam met jou march. Ek is VERSKRIKLIK trots op jou.

    Ek is ook bekommerd dat die 50% vir Soc jou te veel ontstel. Skryf dit af, move on. Jy sal weldra uitfigger wat hulle wil he.

    So bly om te hoor jy pas 'n bietjie fun in tussen al jou harde werk. Balans is belangrik.

    Ek dink aan jou, bid vir jou, en dank die Here vir jou heeldag en aldag! MMMMMMMMMM-MWAH!

    NS - Oupa paint. Hy wil graag een laaste skildery vir sy April uitstalling in Pta klaarkry. Sal jou blog later vir hom lees. Hy raak sommer tranerig as ek oor jou praat, en is ook net so trots op jou.