The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

Friday, March 5, 2010

And the writing in the salt says: "We ride on out to the stars..." *

The five days I have only barely just survived have been among the busiest of my life (ranking right up there with Drama practicals - whew!) and I have only just touched down for the first time since Sunday.

These five days were filled with the usual amount of lectures and tutorials, and an unusual amount of work, assignments, essays, questions, meetings and other obligatory madness. For Journalism, I wrote a personal narrative for Monday and a profile (for which I had to conduct a serious interview that took serious time) on a fellow tutorial member for today. For English I had, as I always do, two sets of questions, but this week I had to hand in an essay on top of that! Not to mention that I three hours of my invaluable time on Wednesday night watching the archaic John Laurie "Hamlet"... For Sociology I had an essay to hand in today, but I also have a test on Monday. History filled its slot with some indigestably convoluted writing about climate change (enjoyable, though). And Economics decided that this week was the week to slap me with a six-source essay, multiple choice questions and another little essay. Oh, and did I mention the test I wrote on Tuesday?

Activate (the independent student newspaper) meetings started this week, and I attended the Business/Opinions meeting (they share a meeting) and I did my first bit of sub-editing yesterday! I am a born spelling-superstar!

I've dyed my hair dark again! For Ouma and Oupa, who did not know that I was blonde for two months - I was blonde for two months. The regrowth of my natural colour was getting a bit ratty, so I decided to darken it again and it really looks beautiful.

I went shopping for fake flowers today, and found a beautiful bowl at Mr. Price Home for R11.99. It is glazed, and square with rounded sides. It is a dark, glazed brown on the inside and a speckled, watery-looking white painted on the outside with black patterns drawn into it. It is really beautiful.

Time is moving forward so quickly that I seem to wake up from a robotic stupor every Friday and wonder where the hell my week has gone. I am going to try to make some time for myself, if only to remind myself that I am alive (That sounds very sombre - I really am fine, just very busy!).

I miss all of you like a bunny who has lost his carrots.
I love you.

* Modest Mouse - Trucker's Atlas


  1. Ek het nou net 'n LANG respons aan jou verloor, toe ek 'n kappie op 'n o probeer sit. DONNER! Toemaar... dalk was dit te lank. Jy moet heeldag en nag lees. Dankie vir die blog, ek is SO bly om te kan sien wat jy doen. BAIE BAIE BAIE lief vir jou en SO trots!

  2. Het nou net vir Oupa jou blog voorgelees. Sy kommentaar: "SJOE!!"

    Oor 'n uur is ek op pad Jhb-toe vir die weeklikse Westdene-run. Ons gaan vanaand by Loreley eet - die jaarlikse st Patrick's supper. Dit was 'n ekskuus vir... SHOPPING! Moes iets groens koop om aan te trek. Na ek al die cheap shops in die omgewing deurgedraf het, het ek toe by Woollies gaan kyk, en drie items op die 50% sale rekke gekry. By die betaalpunt het hulle gesukkel om die prys vir 'n swart-en-with ckeck hempie te kry - die kode was nie op hulle sisteem nie. Toe kyk ons nader... dit was 'n ou-ou Woollies hempie! Iemand het dit op die hanger omgeruil en met 'n nuwe ding uitgestap. Die bestuurderes wou dit nie aan my verkoop nie, kon niks daarmee maak nie, en toe kry ek dit verniet. To benefit indirectly from theft... is it immoral to feel happy about it?

    Ek dink gedurigdeur aan jou en wens ek kon net na jou sit en luister, en hoor oor al die nuwe dinge wat jy leer. GROOT liefde van ons altwee.