The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Enchanted Adventures

We have been in Hogsback at a Backpackers called "Away with the Fairies" since Saturday, and it has been wonderful, beautiful, and wet. When it isn't raining and pouring, the air is so full of moisture that nothing will dry. Ever. We took a lovely hike today, to a waterfall called "Madonna and Child" - it was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, the rain caught up with us in the middle of our walk, and we had to slip, slide and stumble through the thicket for four hours. In the pouring rain and squelchy mud. After getting lost a few times (and this process also entailed grueling climbs up the sides of mountains and boendoe-bashing my dad would be proud of) we almost gave up. I know I would have given up if it were possible, but all that would've achieved would be my rolling around in agony in the mud, the rain pouring down on me and me getting no closer to the campsite.

Otherwise, Away with the Fairies is one of the coolest places ever - people from all over the world come and go, and we are allowed to use the main kitchen for cooking as well. We have The Wizard's Sleeve bar, complete with a couple of couches and a fireplace that is employed in keeping us warm after our day's expeditions. Woweeee!


  1. Jy lyk self soos 'n fairy! G'n wonder hulle het jou daar probeer hou nie... maar ek is bly julle het darem weer jul weg gevind. Oupa se^ jou stories herinner hom aan toe julle in die bos gaan stap het, en klippies en stokkies en selfs stukkies plastiek opgetel het - alles skatte.