The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Beautiful moon lamps...

Thinking about having my own house - okay, okay, my own flat - next year has really activated some recessive homely genes in me. I dream about decorating, cooking, baking, shopping and organising all day... What's wrong with me?!

No, being absolutely serious here - having a home for the first time is a pretty exciting thing. Not some room in a big house of little homes, where you are like a tiny insect in a big hive and you don't really matter - but a house (no matter how small) that is yours, and yours alone... And obviously also that of the person or people you choose to share it with. Making my own decisions, taking responsibility for my own life and just plain rocking every single day is what I look forward to.

How beautiful are these little plant-pods?

In the spirit of home decorating and starting to think of what I would like in my own home, I wanted to share a really awesome website with you - LikeCOOL is totally awesome, and everything on it is interesting, awesome, mostly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Find everything on there from gadgets, home stuff and appliances, food, clothing... Pretty much anything that counts as interesting, unique, cutting edge and certifiable design eye candy goes there. Never has my heart drooled for things like these before. Bookcases such as this beautiful, fun and quirky alphabetised storage system are busy rocking my world, I would do anything for any number of the amazing wall clocks they post about - and this Nintendo ES coffee table never ceases to amaze me!

Look at this hidden piano table - wouldn't you sell your children for it?

...and this beautiful sculptural furniture also blows my mind away.

Take a look at the homeware, and tell me you would be able to resist it! If this is what porn is like to men, I understand. I finally understand. I never want to stop looking!


  1. 19 Januarij 1772
    Den boedel van den overleeden Gerret Knoetsen:
    agtien anteel beesten, twaalf trikbeesten
    drie hondert en sestien schaapen
    een taafel, twee stoele, een emmer, twee potten
    een oude koopere hams keetel, een tee keetel
    een doeseijn borden, vier schootels
    een halfe doeseijn ferken, twee blike teebusse
    twe eerde panne, een eijsere konfoor
    een gewer sonder slot, een vuurtong
    een ouden waagen die niet gangbaar is
    een haamer, een ankerfat,

    Gerret Knoetsen was your 7th great-grandfather. I hope his wife, Anna Maria, had a few prized posessions to love... although his estate was probably all she had. All marriages were in community of property back then.

  2. Dit klink lieflik - ek wens ek kon die dinge sien wat hy vir haar gelos het!