The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Sitting at my computer, trying to ignore the daunting task of packing up my res room for the last time, I remembered that I still had one blog left to fulfill my promise to you - the promise of a blogful week! Tomorrow, Ben and I are hitting the road to Hogsback for a magical ten days of camping, and I am anxious about what food to make, excited about the sights that will take my breath away, and a feeling of overall elation overcomes me. I feel truly, deeply, honestly happy.

The book I chose for today's "random word exercise" is one of the set works I had to study for English Literature this year - Charlotte Brontë's majestic, wonderful, breathtaking and heart-breaking Jane Eyre. Although the book endured much flak from the English I students this year, I loved it and stayed true to my own opinions (much like Jane would have in the same situation). The tale, which documents Jane's journey to personal freedom and individual agency: the creation of her own strong, proud identity, resonated with me and filled my heart with passion, and dreams, and a strong belief in these two things to bring me far in life.

The word I came across in Jane Eyre was "moonlight". This is one of the most beautiful words in the English language, in my opinion. The cold, brilliant, shining aura that the moon spills out over trees and fences and lawns and faces and houses and factories and swimming pools absolutely entrances me when I have the pleasure of being outside on a cool, breezy, bright evening, the moon illumining the surface of the earth as if for my pleasure only. I have always been a lover of the moon, and I fall in love with it all over again every time I see it.

The moon has been a source of mystery, wonder and inspiration to writers, poets, musicians and thinkers throughout the history of time. Just a few days ago, I was studying moon imagery in William Shakespeare's wild romp of a comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream. The moon symbolises creativity, spontaneity, passion and mysticism, but it can also be a cold and indifferent lover. Whereas the sun is a proud, fiery, arrogant and blazing entity, the moon is quiet, soulful, gathering her stars around her in the cloak of midnight. It can also represent all that is hidden from view in oneself - the moon is a reflection of the light of the sun, inverting the clear, logical, bright and rational and turning things onto their heads: all that is dark, spiritual, intuitive and emotional in her bright white orb.

The last New Year's Eve we had offered us a beautiful, romantic atmosphere for Ben and my special champagne and cookies date. The moon - which was a blue moon - was unthinkably large, full, and bright as can be. Ben and I had some delicious sparkly wine and a bowl of our own homemade custard cream biscuits while sitting outside at our friend Alje's house, looking out over the glistening water and the tall, creaking trees surrounding our cottage. That was the most fun I've ever had on any New Year's Eve ever.

The moon is a pale creature, full of mystery and as quiet as the night she lives in. She regulates the ocean's tides, and even the female menstrual cycle is determined by the cycles of the moon. To imagine that such an omnipresent power lives so quietly, so unobtrusively, so shy of attention, receiving so little praise, is a challenge. I guess it's yet another mystery about the moon, isn't it?

Well, off to Hogsback! I will try to write for you while I am there and post you my writing when we get back, but I am not making anymore promises just yet. This week was interesting, fun, and I learned quite a few unexpected things.

I love you!

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  1. Oupa & ek vang op met ons agterstallige leeswerk. Hy wil dat ek jou vertel: Kayla, jou skryfwerk is baie mooi en stimulerend. Please keep it up. Vir my is dit so baie, baie, baie lekker om 'n kykie in jou gedagtewereld te mag kry. Ek voel so privileged. BAIE dankie! My Maan-meisie...