The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Problem with Today

The problem with today is that we have been turned into big, fat, all-consuming children. Too comfortable in our materialistic ignorance and our vapid entertainment to ask any questions, to work towards a common goal or to improve our society. Firstly, the world economy forces us into this position with the unbeatable forces of the media, the government, the corporation, and the endless allure of more, more, more money on its side. To see the large, naked animal, greased up and depraved, all intuition completely lost with years of unnatural consumption and over-simplification, makes me completely crazy.

It's sickening. I can honestly say that I am ashamed to be a part of this weak, unnatural race that is wiping itself and all around it out in the blink of an eye, relative to the age of the earth.

Those who are not completely blinded by their lifestyles of over-indulgence and ignorance are also unable to do anything. The complete and utter inability of anyone to truly see and understand the state of our planet and our species (I don't claim to, myself) is causing our final disintegration into nothingness. Humankind most definitely has a suicide complex, and it is going about it as quickly, as efficiently and as disgustingly obtrusive and destructive as possible. The utter helplessness that I feel, as well as many, many more people out there, is a direct cause of the deliberate scattering of our attentions, the trickery of our minds and the enslavement of our psyches. We are not only doing absolute and utter wrong to ourselves, our fellow human beings, our fellow creatures and the planet that bore us, but we are doing it happily and there does not seem to be a single answer to the dilemma.

We don't leave one chicken uncaged, or one cow untethered or unmilked. We can't stomach the truth about the meat industry, so instead of mobilizing, joining forces and changing things, we are frozen stiff with our inability to act and to think and to reason. Instead of reducing personal carbon emissions, we look to corrupt businessman-politicians for answers, - of which there are none to find here. Instead of switching off our computers and taking a walk or reading a book...

We stare, transfixed, insipid. Dead.

I had an argument with someone two days ago. My argument was that every person who chooses to eat meat and to enjoy dairy and egg products should be forced to study the whole lives of the animals they feed from so easily and with such ferocity. From birth to death, study that chicken, fish, cow, lamb, ostrich, leather handbag and shoes (I mean, snake) or whatever other animal whose life it is you have claimed as your rightful property. Spare no gruesome PETA video or animal rights poster - because they don't stage those situations, they are truly happening every single day (and worse, I am convinced). The person I was arguing with could say nothing more insightful or more thoughtful than: "But... that's so cruel". "To whom?" I asked. "To people - you can't just do that to people!". What am I doing, exactly? Am I violating your right to ignorance? Am I offending your delicate sensibilities - oh, I'll excuse you to wipe that bit of chicken dribble off of your chin - by way of telling you the truth?

When the truth becomes outlawed, you know you have a serious problem.

"Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." - Chief Seattle


  1. Well, perhaps.
    But then, in equal retort, perhaps not.
    It would be foolish and narrow-minded to assume that EVERYONE is just living for the moment in hedonistic, uncaring recklessness; there are many who have dedicated their lives and time to fighting for the betterment of society and the environment, among innumerable other things. Sure, the vast majority of people we know are just living, and not asking the questions that need to be asked and are not challenging the issues that need so desperately to be challenged, but can you really blame them? Globalisation and the digital world has opened up a world of problems which, like you, Kayla, have said, make us feel powerless and overwhelmed. Personally, I would love to give up red meat and chicken, and maybe even refined sugar altogether, but I cannot imagine even for a second the crappy quality of life that I would have: can you imagine dining hall vegetarian meals every day? I shudder at the suggestion.

    "We stare, transfixed, insipid. Dead." Really? The world is a writhing mass of beauty and creation and wonder and invention and so many other thing i can barely catch my breath.

    But all in all I agree with you. We have almost reached the point where we cannot fight the system because the system is our life support. We are tethered grossly and desperately onto the system; unplugging it would be unplugging society as a whole. How would the world of today function without massly subsidised and freely-available fastfood? In the ideal world, we would all be Vegan or at the least vegetarian- but even if we were to embrace a herbivore diet, this wouldn't stop the corporations: look up a company called Monstanto and what it has done to capitalise and in effect OWN almost 80% of soy production in the US.

    I sympathise: the feeling of insignificance and powerlessness that comes with even thinking of this subject is overwhelming. Perhaps that is why we don't ask questions? Perhaps we would rather live blind but comfortable than with our eyes fully open?

  2. True, but I am saying that the alternative to the modern lifestyle, the active, thinking doers, are oppressed or disheartened and therefore ineffective.

    We stare that way at the screen - I agree with you in that life is beautiful, amazing, breathtaking... I definitely agree. But people should go outside, read a book, talk to someone, create something, appreciate something - not just stare vacantly at whatever new screen has enthralled them. And not everyone does - just those that do, do it in that way.

    My vegetarianism isn't about opposing the corporation, but just for the pure fact that I could save at least a few animals' lives in my lifetime. Just that.

    Yes, it is severely discouraging, and I know for a fact that it is hindering people's involvement in bringing about change in society. But I really feel so angry and helpless, especially because of THIS FACT. The 'bad guys' are not so much worse than the 'apathetic/ignorant guys'.

    Thanks for the lovely, detailed, persuasive and reasoned response.

  3. Thanks for shining your little light, Kayla. No darkness can put it out, and who knows? Your little light could ignite a blaze, one little light at a time.