The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Dead Fish Gains the Power of Observation

Last night I went to the Activate offices (ridiculously early) and worked myself up into quite an impressive state of panic in preparation for my interview for becoming the next Opinions or Politics section editor. The anxiety, it turned out, was completely unnecessary. I flew through the interview on pure adrenaline and, apparently, nailed it!

I am officially the Opinions (or as it will be known from now on, the 'Comments and Analysis') Section Editor, and I am beyond pleased! I will be working on the section in the paper as well as produce and edit online content for Activate's (hopefully) kick-ass new website.

Becoming the Politics editor was a slightly bigger wish for me, but I do embrace this role fully and I am sure I will enjoy it immensely! Following a career in political journalism at this point in history will still be a scary and exciting challenge for me, and an incredibly necessary one at that.

A more interesting, more theme-oriented post will follow this one shortly.


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  1. wow wow wow wow WOW! My maag voel sommer hol! Dis incredible! Is jy nie 'n eerstejaartjie nie? Ons is so trots ons kan BARS!