The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

The musings of a silly student... And not much else.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Universe Is Shaped Exactly Like The Earth - If You Go Straight Long Enough, You'll End Up Where You Were...

Hello everybody!

I am so glad it's finally the weekend - and a long one at that! I have had an incredible week, full of stress and excitement and anxiety and pride and an overarching sense of accomplishment, and I am very ready to sit back, relax, and contemplate things.

It turns out that quite a large number of individuals, companies, groups and even some politicians are concerned about the ANC's proposed media tribunal and laws to curb the freedom of the media... Which I am quite pleased about. It is, however, very important to remain open-minded about the issue. Groups on both sides of the argument need to be objective and consider what is best for our country - not for one side or the other. There have been many questions as to the fairness and objectivity as well as the truth behind some reporting over the past years, and this needs to be taken into account.

Point is - don't take everything you read at face value.

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  1. Oh Wise One... ja, die Bybel (iewers in Jakobus, dink ek) waarsku dat die tong 'n vuur is, wat 'n hele woud kan afbrand. "Responsible reporting" moenie goed vertel wat goed kan vernietig nie, al is dit waarheid? En ongelukkig verkoop nasty rumours koerante. Kant het gevoel mens is moreel verplig om ALTYD die waarheid te vertel... maar is mens nie ook moreel verplig om nie mense seer te maak nie? Jy lyk vet in daai nuwe jeans van jou - waar, maar nasty. Of is dit beter om nasty te wees, sodat jy die persoon beskerm teen ander mense? As sy die jeans uittrek, ja. As sy nooit weer met jou praat nie?